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Development of mineral extraction technology

On the basis of the results of exploration works specialists of our Company are ready to develop the most effective decision on the organization of mining, and to give an economic assessment of the chosen decision for you.

  • Determination of deposit opening system

    The system of opening of mineral deposits depending on mining geological conditions of occurrence and properties of rocks and minerals can be the most various: underground, open, hole, combined and even the underwater. After carrying out the analysis of geological information and conditions of production, our engineers will be able to offer the optimum variant for your field, and they will make the plan of all necessary mining procedures.

  • Scheduling of mining operations

    We will develop the project of production and we will make plan for development of mining operations in full accordance with standard-legal and legislative requirements, technical and economic conditions, requirements of labor protection and ecological safety for you.

    Having the plan of mining operations, you will always know when and how many minerals you will get and what quality will be. It will allow you to organize rationally work of other services of the mining enterprise.

  • Choice of the optimum equipment

  • Project works

    Our team of designers will develop all necessary set of project documentation for you with use of modern methods of design and application of rational design decisions.

    All project documentation will be given to the Customer in both hard-copy and electronic formats.

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