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Troilite, LLC (till 2014 Troilite, SPE) commenced its operations in Simferopol in 1993 as the company combining efforts of various specialists of mining branch in search and implementation of innovative projects in the conditions of the situation, which is dynamically changing, at that time, in structures of the research organizations and approaches to the organization of scientific and technical activity.

The company took part in development of technologies of separation, performance of mineralogical and technological researches and a technical and economic assessment of mining projects. Iron ores of Kryvy Rig Iron Ore Basin, apatite — ilmenite ores and gold-bearing ores of the Ukrainian shield, gold and polymetallic ores of the Carpathian metallogenic belt were the basic raw materials types for work untill 2011.

In 2011, Troilite began implementation of projects outside Ukraine. The first such project was development of technology of blast furnace and converter slurries separation (Romania). Since that year another projects had started being implemented in the field of development technology of processing of waste of mining and metallurgical enterprises such as: tailings of ferruterous quartzites concentration (Ukraine, Romania, and Turkey); tailings of gold and polymetallic ores flotation (Romania); tailings of gravitational concentration of chrome ores (Turkey).

In 2014, the Company changed the address of the registration for Kiev, however it did not worsen its work. Today specialists of the Company realize projects in Ukraine, Romania, the USA, Turkey, Macedonia, Zimbabwe and other countries. The Company is working now with different types of both ore, and not ore minerals. It was established cooperation with the leading scientific and technical organizations not only of Ukraine, but also of other countries. The Company has the next main areas of work:

  • Performance of a full complex of mineralogical and technological researches;
  • Development of technology of mineral raw materials concentration;
  • Performance of all types of prospecting work;
  • Development of mining technologies;
  • Technological audit of mining enterprises;
  • Management of mining projects;
  • Related services.
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